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Welcome to St Matthews Anglican Church at Holland Park in Brisbane, Queensland.

St Matthews has been serving the Anglican Christian Parish of Holland Park for over 80 years. Please join us in our worship of the Lord.

Our Vision: To be a welcoming, caring community celebrating God's love.

Please join us for worship


Sunday 9:00 am Sung Eucharist

Our Prayers have been answered. Rev Allan Paulsen has been appointed as our new priest. Join us in Holy Communion each Sunday morning at 9am.

Other regular activities

Men's Breakfast. First Tuesday of every month at Mediterranean Flames, Holland Park.

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On Sundays lately, we have been reading from chapter 5 of Matthew's Gospel. Chapter 5 is the first of three chapters in the Gospel that we lump together as the Sermon on the Mount. Last week and this week, we are reading what are called the antitheses. Antitheses are forms of teaching where Jesus uses a particular format to his way of speaking.


Jewish Rabbis are renowned for answering a question with a question. A Jewish youngster timidly approached the esteemed and learned Rabbi. "Rabbi, why do the rabbis always answer a question with a question?" The Rabbi looked at the youngster for a moment and thought. Then he replied: "Why shouldn't a Rabbi answer a question with a question?"

Although I am sure it can become annoying if we never got answers to our questions, there is a point in actually asking the right question in the first place?